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We are Australia’s Car Loan Low Rate Experts!

FinanceNEXT will only offer you an affordable personal car loan – and we are experts in helping you find the deal that’s right for your circumstances.

With so many different types of car loans available we can direct you to the loan that makes your repayments the easiest and most affordable.

FinanceNEXT will always offer the car finance solution that is best for YOU.

With many types of loans ranging from secured car loans, unsecured loans or novated leasing to name a few, it’s good to know your options. Have the team at FinanceNEXT help you find the best solution to your needs.

Over many years we have helped our customers get the right finance for their car – and that’s why the keep coming back to us!

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Car and Equipment Finance for your Business!

Choosing the right finance for your business vehicle, fleet of vehicles, or business equipment can be very complicated.

Your decision will undoubtedly impact upon your tax and cash flow so it is very important to make sure you choose carefully.

By choosing FinanceNEXT as your partner you’ll be presented with clear options to make your choices easier.

Our team of talented experts will help through every stage of financing your personal, fleet or equipment and will make it our aim to finalise your requirements as early as is possible so you’ll be able to get on with what’s more important – your work.

Talk to us and join with our many business customers who are already enjoying having the best financing solutions made available to them.

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Not only Car Finance – Our Services Go Much, Much Further

Caravan Finance

Time to take a rest from working and see Australia or looking for a great family caravan for the holidays?

Let FinanceNEXT help find the best type of new or used caravan low rate loan for you. With some of the very best terms and interest rates on offer, we will help bring the freedom and benefits enjoyed by many caravan owners to you.

Simply click the caravan calculator to see the great low rate loan FinanceNEXT has on offer today.

Boat Finance

Found the boat you love and can’t wait to get out on the water?

At FinanceNEXT, we offer the most competitive low rate loans you will find.

Our experience and knowledge will not only secure you a great loan – but do it quickly – so that you’re out on the water enjoying your new pride and joy rather than waiting for your finance company.

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Bike Finance

Motorbikes are not only an affordable means of transport to get you through the busy traffic but can also become part of your style and who you are.

At FinanceNEXT we understand motorbikes and offer specialised low interest rate assistance to customers looking to finance their dream.

Simply click the bike calculator to see the great low rate loan FinanceNEXT has on offer today